Saturday, June 16, 2018

Women Who Bound -- Off and Running!

Bounding and moose-hoofing are good ways to train for the ski season (which is, ahem, only six months away), and doing it with your friends on actual ski trails is even better, and doing it with your friends on actual ski trails with the one and only Ozzie Nordheim as coach and visual inspiration is, simply, The. Best.

Going to MWC in Minneapolis in January was mind-blowing in multiple ways, but one of the big ones was seeing women in their 50s and 60s and 70s who were strong and competitive and fantastic racers, and thinking, I want to be one of them!  Suzanne and I talked about this, and about how to encourage more women in our club to line up at the start line of races.  If you look at KSC race results, you see that the number of women's names is a fraction of the number of men's names, even though there are plenty of women in the club.

So we decided to organize a women's bounding workout, figuring that if you see it, you can be it, and if you train for it, you can do it.  Today was the first installment, and people, we had so much fun!  There were six of us, along with Coach Ozzie, of varying levels of fitness and varying levels of experience, out for some solid training on a spectacularly fresh and cool Saturday morning in June.

Thanks for the photo, Carol!
We met at the cabin at 10:00, made introductions all around, filled up our water bottles, and headed for the trails.  Ozzie had scoped out a variation on the Berg/Viking/Ozbaldy loops that maximized the number of uphills -- some short and steep, some longer and less steep, some relentless (hello, Ozbaldy!), but a perfect variety that exactly duplicated our race course because, of course, it was our race course!

For this first workout, there was plenty of stopping to talk about race strategy and technique, plus lots of laughter and chatter, and best of all, demonstrations of proper bounding technique from the master, Ozzie, who has been racing and instructing for more than 70 years!

After we finished, we headed into the cabin for lunch and spirited conversations about heart rate monitors and training ideas and vacation plans.  It was a most splendid day, and we'd love to see more women come and join us next time!  We're going to do this every second and fourth Saturday of the month until the snow comes, meeting at 10:00 at the cabin.  People will come and go as their summer schedules allow, but that is the plan, and based on how it went today, I'm thinking there could be some strong women on the start lines next winter!  Maybe you're one of them?  Come and bound with us!

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