Sunday, January 28, 2018

MWC: Day 1

Event: middle distance classic
Conditions: high 30s, overcast, transformed corn snow

Pat Kaald wins her age group, Rune third in his age group, the folks from Finland are winning everything!

First impressions: I got here late yesterday afternoon, just in time to go to the first-day awards ceremony with Per and Sandy, and just as I had expected/hoped, I was blown away by a big auditorium filled -- FILLED! - with strong fit vibrant men and women in theirs 50s and beyond.  It was fun to match faces and very fit bodies to names I've been seeing on the tops of the age-group results sheets since I started this amazing sport.  To see the Norwegian woman who won the 75-79 age group skip merrily up the steps to the top podium, laughing and waving, was to see a future to strive for.  Equally inspiring, I got to meet the legendary Reno Deprey, Mona's dad (wish you were here, Mona!) and his equally awesome wife Becky.

Wish you all were here!

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