Monday, September 4, 2017

Goodbye, August!

People, this summer's statistics are kind of amazing, and not in a good way: ten days and counting over 90 degrees, 10,000 and counting minutes of temperatures over 80 degrees, one day of rain in the last three months ... I don't know what has happened to the real Seattle, but I miss it a lot.  Rain is forecast for the end of this week -- please! -- but first there is another heat burst to get through.

This has not been my favorite August ever, between the weather, the wildfire smoke, the two weeks devoted to studying, a week of stress hangover (is that even a thing?  I had it), then a couple of weeks of renovation projects on my 110-year-old house that have left me sweaty and grumpy and grimy and so ready to be done with all of it.

The good thing about the weather is that it does change; we tilt farther from the sun every day and eventually the heat will dissipate, the rain will come back, and then ... sweet blessed winter.  Dark.  Cold.  Damp.  Windy.  With a little luck, stormy!

I have some big fun goals for next winter and right now they seem impossibly far away, but I know they're not going to be very much fun if I'm not ready for them.  I know I need to spend some quality time with my running shoes and my roller skis now, daily, bit by bit, building every day, and find the challenge in that consistency.  I mind the words of Jan Guenther of Gear West, someone who knows a thing or three about training for people with more than a few summers under their belt:
"Skiing some far-flung trail in Greenland is a more visible 'boundary-pushing' action, but welcoming, creating, and accomplishing daily challenges makes for a colorful life continually."
And so, in between wrapping up the last house projects, I take advantage of the three-day weekend to spend a couple of sweaty hours at Tiger Mountain, and I take my lonesome bike out for a spin, and I watch the leaves starting to turn and the sun setting a little earlier every evening and I know that fall and winter are on their way back.  Better get ready!

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