Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kongsberger Hike, Numero Uno

Max photo

Are you bummed you missed the Kongsberger hike last Saturday and wondering how it went?  Me, too!  Here is the scoop from Joy, with pictures from Max and Doug.  Thanks, everyone -- looks like a great day!

The day dawned cool and beautiful (that was before we woke up, ya know, it's still an early sunrise at 48 degrees north!) and we all made our way to the brand-spankin'-new Teneriffe parking lot, with accompanying new toilet and trailhead. Just as Jeff promised.

"We" included Jeff and Joy, Max and Robin, Rob and Suzanne, Frank, and friends Doug, Toni and Dog Sophie. [ed. note: Kare and Aase and Linda were there, too, and hiked as far as the waterfall!]

The new trail, built by machinery so a little rough around the edges but wide and smooth in the middle, went up to the junction with an existing trail and we joined it to walk up to Teneriffe Falls. That's where the side-by-side chatting ceased and the one by one hucking began as we moved up the woods toward the peak. "Stairway to Heaven" or as Robin called it, "Stairway to Heavin'" ...

Max photo
... was a beautiful and challenging trail and interestingly not on the lovely new trail map at the parking lot, although it's a known trail. As Jeff promised, it's also a beautiful trail that moves up the ridge and provides peekaboo views of the river and mountains. At last we took the last few steps up to the top of Teneriffe Peak, where snacks and incredible views awaited.

Max photo
We then took the trail that follows the ridge down to the west, where it eventually splits to a fork that continues down or goes right to emerge at the top of the Mount Si trail (not the rock). We split up here--the group that went down did about 10+ miles and the group that looped over to Mount Si did more like 12+ and didn't enjoy the ascending "zoo" they met on the trail, as Jeff described it.

Max photo
We returned to a large parking lot that was still mostly empty (because no one knows about it but Jeff!) and further discussion of which loops would be the best for XC ski training. There are several options AND it's close in AND not very many people compared to Si.

A few of us celebrated the day with root beer floats and burgers at the XXX in Issaquah.

Questions? We have answers!
Bugs? Not really. Doug got one chomp, but otherwise we kept moving along and there were breezes at the top.
Animals? We saw BEAR POOP, but it was at least a day old.
Flowers? Beargrass is blooming, as well at Foxglove, Tiger Lilies and a bunch of other lovely flowers. It really is a pretty trail, with more variety than Si or Tiger.

Max photo
Here are Doug's pictures:

And here is Doug's GPS track of the route:

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