Saturday, July 29, 2017

Down Payment

This week, after more than a month of no rain at all -- not one drop -- we had the tiniest little spritz of rain, just a whisper of rain, just enough to move the dust around on my car.  But it was enough to remind me that this endless summer will indeed end; the earth continues to travel around the sun and fall is on its way back.  And if there's one thing I love almost as much as skiing in the winter, it's training for skiing in the fall, splooshing through the mud, the wind and rain whipping through the trees, flirting with the edge of hypothermia.  And if there's one thing I learned from my last two summers of injury-induced non-training, followed by foolish attempts to catch up in the fall, it's that summer is the time to put in the foundation of the fun training we will do in the fall.

So I have to just deal with my least favorite season.  I slog along the hot dusty trails, where the leaves wilt and the creek beds are completely dry, dreaming of stormy hill repeats in a couple of months,

and I put in the time on my roller skis on the baking pavement, dreaming of roller skiing rooster tails in the rain.

Summer is the time to strengthen the joints and build the mitochondria and grow some more capillaries; summer is when we make the down payment on the coming ski season and the adventures ahead.  Silver Star is just four months away, MWC is six months away, and the Birkie is seven.   I'm a long way from the shape I want to be in by the time these fun things roll onto the calendar, so I try to embrace this long summer and work on making forward progress, one sweaty step at a time!

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