Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Birkie of One

The Birkie lifestyle ... both the Norwegian Birkebeiner and the American Birkie present themselves as part of a year-round lifestyle of general athleticism and spending quality time outside, and offer both a running race and a bike race as part of the Birkie trifecta.  With Kongsbergers' Norwegian heritage and focus on outdoor sports, it seems only natural that we might want to mimic this training-all-year concept.

So Jim Slyfield, who is always looking for fun and interesting new ways to challenge himself and others, concocted the idea of a Cabin Creek trifecta, with a bike ride and trail run to come later this summer and a classic 50k Viking/Berg Birkie on the same day as the Norwegian Birkebeiner, which was last Saturday.

Alas, it didn't turn out quite the way he had hoped.  Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the 50k distance, maybe it was that Americans tend to be skaters more than classic skiers and the skate 50k was just the previous weekend; whatever, Jim was the only one who showed up.   But he did it anyway, 50k in the rain all by himself, no feed station support, no cheering fans, no one trail-side to say, "Way to go, Jim!"  I have tremendous admiration for this kind of mental toughness!  Here is his good-spirited report.  Way to go, Jim!

Good thing the kid brought his swim fins and snorkel….  
It didn’t rain all the time—it even stopped for a few minutes.  
I skied the first 3 laps, then came in to change everything from the belly button up.  Back out for the last two laps and the Berg loop to make it an honest 50K.  
**Ozbaldy Loop (Road+Berg+Viking= 9.5Km)  five times around = 47.5Km.Once around the Berg 2.5Km for total of 50Km. Call me a wuss for not going around for another 5Km and only wearing my waterbottle butt pack.   
Maybe next year the weather will be less oppressive and we’ll have a few more brave souls.  
Looked like Nick had not groomed since Wednesday.  There was a thin layer of new snow on top of the old stuff.  I used my fish scale skis to KISS it on the wax situation.  After the second lap, Universal Klister would have been fine.  
Lack of skiers is discouraging.  Other than rain, the snow wasn’t so bad.  Just get out and do it.  A hot shower when I finished was very welcome.

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