Thursday, December 1, 2016

Finding Snow!

Ozzie the Viking and the snowy wonderland.
It's happening, people -- snow on Amabilis and at the cabin!  Our adventurous Wednesday guys have been finding powder and reporting multiple inches of snow falling at Cabin Creek.  Rune says that the Forest Service is going to close the road on Saturday, which will give Nick a chance to get his machines up there and make us something delicious to ski on -- go get some for yourself!  And don't forget: Nick will be posting reports on snow and grooming conditions on the Kongsberger website and also via the link over there on the left.


Frank. Snow. Sunshine.
And people who were able to go a little farther afield also found gorgeous wintry conditions at Silver Star over Thanksgiving: not quite enough snow to groom the lower trails, but plenty for the upper trails.    It was a long long weekend of smiling faces and delicious food and great conversations and as much skiing as your body could handle, a chance to remind the ski muscles that roller skiing is fun, but real skiing is life!

Master chef Peter.

One day of sunshine, and the rest was snow snow snow.  And more snow.

And more snow.

Winter is back, people -- see you on the trails!  I'll be the one with the big dopey smile on my face.

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