Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trail Work Party

Wow, it could not possibly have been a more gorgeous fall day to be in the mountains, breathing the cold clean air, eyes soaking up the dark pines and golden maples and bright blue skies, spiffing up the trails for winter.  Today was trail work day at Cabin Creek, and 21 Kongsberger regulars showed up, saws and loppers and pick axes in hand, to beat the summer's growth back into submission and clear the way for Nick to do his magic this winter.  We put in a solid morning's worth of work on Amabilis, then headed back to the cabin for lunch and time to catch up with good friends we hadn't seen this summer, hearing stories and comparing notes and making plans.  It could not have been a better day, and if you were hoping to come but soccer/gymnastics/swimming/laundry/shopping/Saturday got in the way, never fear -- Jim will be there tomorrow to lead another trail work party for anyone who can make it.  The mountains are spectacular this fall; go get yourself some before winter comes back!

Saw sisters!
Trail Chief Glen, looking for something to chop

Messiest spider web ever!

Oh, hello, Mount Rainier!
Poisonous?  Or edible?
Jim winning the battle with the ditch
Susie contemplates a really big lopping job
After lunch, Bert, age 90, heads out for a mountain bike ride.

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  1. I am so happy that both my Dad, Bert and I could make it up to the mountains. I feel ready to conquer. Hope everybody who missed yesterday can go up and help Jim dig some ditches and enjoy!