Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cabin Mountain Biking Day

Raise your hand if you think one of the cool things about belonging to a club, like Kongsbergers, for example, is the chance to meet and hang out with and train with people who have the same interests as you.  Jim Carlen recently wrote an essay describing things he would tell younger skiers about how to get the most of their skiing life, and here is one paragraph that resonates:

Jim Slyfield believes in this, so he organized a mountain biking day at the cabin for club members and friends.  Here is his report, on what sounds like a fun day, especially the elk burgers part!

Weather as nice as can be.  Fun road/trails, did some exploring, and got a good four hour Level 1 and 2 aerobic workout. 
We rode to the U-Fish resort (Or what ever it’s called this week.) then on the pre- US-10 road bed to Lake Easton State Park.Had a lunch break.  
Saddled up and checked out the Lake Easton dam and rode to down town Easton.Spoke to several bikers on the JWT.  
Back to the cabin via Crystal Springs and the Yakima River Trail.  Had a nice early dinner -- elk burgers, etc....  

Hope everyone is having a fun summer and getting in just the right amount of training!

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