Monday, April 20, 2015

It's For the Kids photo

Momentum Northwest is a year old now, and it's proven its value as a training program for up and coming young cross country ski racers in our area.  The kids and the coaching staff trained hard last summer and raced hard this winter, and now they're gearing up for a new year of even more hard work and even greater success.

So this is our chance to help them out.  Rune and Augustina are hosting a fundraiser for Momentum Northwest this Saturday evening at 6:00.  (If you're interested in going, email me and I'll send you the address.)  There will be wine and and beer and appetizers (Augustina and I are cooking!).  Coach Sam Naney will describe the program and how it went this year, and Kent and Inge will fill us in on the World Masters in Russia this past winter, along with other ski races they did in Europe.  All your skiing friends will be there, and it will be a great opportunity to hang out with your peeps, listen to stories, eat and drink, and give Momentum Northwest a big boost into the next training season.  I hear there is a matching donor lined up, so your dollars will go twice as far!

This is a worthy event to put on your calendar; see you there!

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