Sunday, March 15, 2015

When you have your health ...

Mama was right when she said, "When you have your health, you have everything."  I have been knocked to the ground with a whopper case of bronchitis since I did the Birkie, and I have felt for three weeks like I will never stop coughing, my head will never stop pounding, I will never ski or trail run or bike again, ever in my whole life.  I am a bad sick person; I get whiney and mopey and sad and blue, convinced that I am doomed and my life is over.

But now I'm well again!  Finally the coughing stopped and the lungs cleared and the head stopped pounding, and life is rosy again!  My appetite for food is back:

... and so is my appetite for life.

It looks like, while I was down, the ski season finally gave up the ghost and this pitiful winter has gone whimpering away.  I miss you, sad little winter that never really came!  I am so grateful to Nick and Mike for making it possible for me to ski every weekend in a couple of places anyway, but I did miss the soul-cleansing storms on the Iron Horse trail, the lung-busting intervals on the Mt Catherine loop, the swoops and corners of the Viking trail.  Now it's all turned to rain in the mountains:
Pass Report 
ELEVATION:3022 ft / 921 m 
CONDITIONS:Roadway bare and wet, areas of standing water 
So I reluctantly say goodbye to this winter and make plans, again, to be a stronger better athlete next winter.  How will I get there?  How will I fit in the workouts that I need, on top of a busy life?  I don't know yet -- I need to do some thinking and planning and negotiating with myself -- but I know it can be done, and now that I'm healthy again, I'm excited to try!

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