Sunday, March 22, 2015

When I Talk About Strong ...

... I'm talking about the Norwegian women's ski team.  They dominated the ski season this year, in the Tour de Ski and the World Cup: long races, short races, sprint races, uphill races, hilly races, raining, snowing, sunny ... just about everything, weekend after weekend after weekend, month after month after month.  The team is deep and strong, particularly the stars, Marit Bjoergen and Therese Johaug, who duked it out for first and second place over and over and over.

That's been exciting to watch, all winter long on my little laptop, but for me, the cake topper was Johaug deciding, after a long grueling race season, to jump into the Birkebeiner this weekend ("a dream since I was a little girl!"), all 54k and three mountain passes, and then dominating that one, too.  She blasted out of the start area at the front of the pack and then grew that lead with every kilometer, winning the race and breaking the old course record by five minutes!

That kind of performance takes a certain kind of strength, both mental and physical.   I can't speak to her mental fortitude, but in googling around the interwebs, I found a clue to her, and the whole team's, physical strength.  And since getting stronger is one of my BIG goals for this off-season, I devoured every detail of this little video.

Maybe my favorite part?  Check out that so-called gym!  The bright and shining Norwegian women's team trains in a ... garage?  Storage room?  Basement?  Whatever, you clearly don't need no expensive, fancy-pants health club to get in a good hard strength workout, so the very simple, basic, free gym in my office building is looking pretty darn good.  Did I mention it's free?  And right downstairs?  I am running out of excuses, people.

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