Thursday, March 26, 2015

Back on the Saddle

It felt like I was sick for such a long time, but even when I finally started feeling better, because my natural state is seriously lazy-ass and because we were in a pretty chilly and rainy spell, I convinced myself that working out in the rain would turn my fragile recovery into a big fat relapse.  So I've been driving to work.  I love to drive my car, my little cocoon of solitude, with its soft warm leather seats and hot chocolate in the commuter mug and my favorite music on the CD player.  But driving to work is just plain stupid, on many levels: environmental, financial, physical, mental.  Still, I drove.

Then today the sun came out and the temperature crept up toward 70 degrees and I had finally had enough of myself.  So I biked to work, and of course, it was divine.  Sunshine on my wintry little face, real air in my lungs, legs turning smoothly in a way they had almost forgotten; looking at the Fremont Bridge from the bike path, under my own power, instead of from the street, sitting in a traffic jam.

I left my heavy rain bike in the shed and jumped on my road bike, so light and beautiful, an elegant piece of engineering that I love with all my heart.  I know my laziness is still lurking in the wings; the rain will come back, or the summer will get really hot, or I'll just be tired, but at least today, this body was in motion.

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