Thursday, February 5, 2015

Words From the Pølsa, I Think

I have a weakness for men who are both athletic and funny -- doesn't everyone? -- and obviously Øystein Pettersen is Exhibit A.  Since we're talking about skiing on blanks, and I've been watching the Ski Classics where he, and all the other big guns, are double poling entire marathons, I found a long article giving his opinion on the practice and let the magical dis-reality of Google Translate tell me the story.  I confess, I'm still not totally sure what this says!

Øystein "Pølsa" Pettersen defies race leader's prophecy about a skirenn free shiny skiing. This weekend he thinks to stake through the 54 km long country competitions. 
 “It Is very wise to stake here. I know I'm not going among the very best, but it's good exercise, says Øystein Pettersen. 
 After he went from last year's sprint team to long racing team Team United Bakeries has Pettersen set a goal to fight for victory in the Vasaloppet, Årefjellsloppet and Birkenhead. Then think he gives it good exercise benefits to stake Ski Event, a race most other safes with mounting grease. 
 According race leader is the bordering impossible to stake Ski Event, you've seen trail profile? 
“It's hard race, but I think I go faster on shiny skiing. Even the first hump over Heggeli Water, it is not so steep,” says Pettersen who claims he will harden if he goes with mounting grease. 
 “I've trained so little on the diagonal time in years, so I am going to harden. But to say that I'm going to beat Eldar Rønning, Martin Johnsrud Sundby and Didrik Tønseth that goes with stick, are probably a little cocky,” says Pettersen who has spent half of training time in years to stake.  “Since May 1 this year I have staked 232 hours on roller and 132 hours classical, 364 hours in total. I've hardly trained strength.” 
 Research coordinator at the Centre for Research NTNU Toppidrett Øyvind Sandbakk know well Øystein Pettersen both as a coach and athlete. 
 “Øystein has trained strength for 20 years, and if he cuts it now so he has a good base of core muscles and power potential. It is an important prerequisite for achieving the effect of stake workout. This is different for amateurs and juniors, if they get up a little upper body strength increases the power potential of taking results much, “ Sandbakk. 
He believes one should take into account individual abilities when it comes to choice of technique during races. 
 “You must use their strengths and most are better trained in the legs than in the upper body. Bena we use a lot, where we have already developed a lot of strength. While in the body which are mostly hangs and throws, we have a great potential for developing both strength and endurance,” explains Sandbakk. 
 “The physiological customizations that happens in the body during systematic training are large. We made an attempt to measure O2 uptake in the upper body versus legs and compared with normal ski elite population. When subjects used the legs, the difference of 25-30 percent between the normal population and top athletes. Took one off his legs was the difference in 50-60 percent,” says Sandbakk who believe that it is not necessarily making that apply to go fastest in long races.  “During La Diagonela Won Anders Aukland with mounting grease, while the competitors staked. There he spent his assumptions correct.” 
 - Think you prestige in it to go on glossy ski overshadows the individual assumptions? 
 “In some cases it is sufficient that, and there are probably many recreational athletes who follows elite instance without regard to their skills. Having said that being the slopes firmer and glide better, so when policyholder one more than before, and the best athletes are better trained in the upper body.” 
 - Many women claim they are too weak to stake. Can we train ourselves to stake long runs, or should we accept the assumptions we have and use both legs and torso? 
 “With a little extra focus on upper body strength room once a week. In addition to stake an hour during a langøkt for example, adding it into interval training, you will quickly notice progress,” says Sandbakk. 
 Although Pettersen’s torso capacity is almost unlimited what-making terms, he is not in doubt about which technique he prefers. 
 “The way today, when there were six minus and sparkling lead, then there is nothing like going diagonal. Now that I've achievement focus, prioritize what I go faster, but there is no doubt about what I like best: I really like it to go classic with stick and I do not think the classical technique will die out. Diagonal Gang is a wonderful movement form,” says Pettersen.

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