Monday, February 16, 2015

In the Bank

Nothing left to do now.  All the training is in the bank, and I'll find out in less than a week how a training diet of weekday bike commuting and weekend intensity sessions works out when it comes to the biggest ski marathon in the United States.  I've waxed my skis, snagging the last block of LF6 at Second Ascent; I've eaten my vegetables and done my stretching and stuffed another emergency pair of warm mittens into my bag.

Awesome Sharon reminded me that I finished last year's 50k Ozbaldy on essentially no training, so even this year's less-than-optimal training should get me to the finish line with a smile.  At the beginning of this goofed-up winter, I truly did not believe that I would be able to ski every weekend until the race.  I was sure I'd be back on my roller skis by now, but instead, I've been skiing, every single weekend, thanks to the awesome hard work by our two top-notch local groomers, Nick and Mike, and the fact that I do, seriously, enjoy skiing in the rain.  I think I skied twice in the snow this winter, many times in the rain.  Because of the lack of snow cover, I did zero long easy workouts -- no snow on the Iron Horse!  Instead, every weekend was some kind of intensity: double pole intervals, long hill repeats,  short hill repeats, rolling hill repeats ... lots and lots of hills.  I nailed one last fun workout at Stevens Pass on Saturday, in the rain (of course) -- 4x20 minutes of long steady uphill, 4x7 minutes of shorter steeper uphill -- and cruised back down to the parking lot, ready to stick a fork in it and call it done.  I've read lots of training plans with suggestions for how to prepare for the Birkie, and what I've done this winter is not really it, but it's all I've got!  So I'm going with it and hoping for the best.  Maybe I'll discover something new about myself!

All that's left now is to figure out how I'm going to deal with this without losing any toes or the tip of my nose:

That's an awful lot of really dark blue I'm flying into!  No worries; I love adventures, I'm staying with people I really enjoy being around, smart people will help me figure out the wax, and hey!  It won't be raining!

I'm coming for you, Birkie!

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