Thursday, January 1, 2015

Zero to 54 in Six Weeks

Today was my second day of skiing this season, so essentially I haven't been skiing, so essentially I'm deep in the training hole.  But I'm registered for the American Birkebeiner in late February, just six weeks away, and I'm staying with people I really like, and it makes for a fun weekend that I don't want to miss.  So the question is whether I can get this office-bound body Birkie-ready in six weeks.  I don't know the answer, but it will be interesting, and possibly fun, to find out.

Today I made the first installment, two and a half hours of glorious bluebird skiing at Stevens Pass.  I'm a lover of storms, but if Stevens Pass is going to offer me a Champagne of a New Year's Day, all nicely chilled (15 degrees, baby!) and sparkling, then yeah, I'm going to take it.  It was a fabulous day to be outside on my skis, fartleking up the uphills and regaining my balance on the downhills, turning the day into a solid workout.

Out on the trails, I chatted for a few minutes with the most awesome little old lady, 87 years old, wrinkled and apple-cheeked, backpack on her back, who skied steadily and strongly all the way to the end of Main Line and back.  She and I loved the same things: the crisp fresh air, the perfect tracks, the deep blue light of the shadows, the sunshine golden on the mountaintops, the sleek black labs that bounded along with a snowshoer.  She said she needed to drive home to Vancouver tomorrow, but she thought she'd probably come back next month, and I hope she does.  I think I have seen my future, and it looks pretty sweet!

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