Saturday, January 31, 2015

WRAC Dinner

For those of us who love the silent, human- and dog-powered winter sports, the Winter Recreation Advisory Committee is an important, and often almost invisible, part of our lives.  This committee, composed of State Parks staff and volunteers representing all the regions in the state, meets twice a year to decide how to divvy up the proceeds from the sale of snow-park permits into various piles for trail grooming, trail maintenance, equipment purchases, and other essentials.  Their annual winter meeting is held at various locations around the state to familiarize committee members with other snow-parks they're not acquainted with, so when we learned that this weekend's meeting was to be in Cle Elum, we decided the neighborly thing to do would be to invite the committee over for dinner on Friday night.

So yesterday evening, a party of 21, including assorted committee members, a handful of Kongsbergers, Nick the groomer, and associated spouses and significant others, gathered at the Kongsberger cabin at Cabin Creek for an evening of merriment.  Augustina and I did the cooking; one of the committee members said they were expecting cold pizza, but we would no more serve dinner guests cold pizza than we would poke a stick in our eyes!

So we started them out with drinks and baguette slices and Augustina's sensational home-made smoked salmon dip.  Then we brought them to the table for steaming bowls of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy, lingonberries, and roasted brussels sprouts, followed by Jim and Elizabeth's apple and pear cobblers.  Conversation flowed with the wine, and it seemed like a fine time was had by all as we reacquainted ourselves with old friends and made new ones, told stories, and had plenty of laughs.

BIG thanks go to Rune and Carey, who instigated the idea and kept the process moving,

to Jim, Elizabeth, and Keith, the potato choppers and slicers,

to Isaac, the talented table arranger,

to Jim and Elizabeth and Jeff and others, the post-dinner cleaner-uppers, and especially to my kitchen sister, Augustina, who wields a potato masher like a pro!

It was my favorite kind of leisurely evening: lots of people gathered around the dinner table, delicious food being passed back and forth, and plenty of wine and conversation and laughter, all focused on cross country skiing, the best sport in the world.  Thank you, WRAC, for making the effort to come out and join us!

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