Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter's Here!

I tell people I'm breaking up with winter this year, but evidently it doesn't take much to win back my heart.  Stevens Pass Nordic announced that it was opening today with about 11k groomed, and I had to go, even though it was POURING pouring rain and the wind was galloping through the trees like a banshee.  Michael said he had never groomed just eight inches of snow before, and he did an amazing job with what he had.  The snow was gorgeous in places, soft and lumpy in places, underwater in places, and gone in places, but throughout, a real live groomed track led me up the valley on Main Line and back down on parts of Sidetrack.  As I came out of the forest and into the clearing on my way up the hill, the full force of the storm slammed into me.  I lifted my face to the tempest, threw up my arms, and yelled "WOW!" as loud I could.  There was nothing else I could do in the face of raw and wild winter!  It was amazing, and fabulous, and I was so happy to be back on skis.  I don't know what winter has in store for us this year, but people, today was sublime.

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