Monday, December 8, 2014


Mother Nature is teasing us, with not quite enough snow to groom at Stevens or Snoqualmie Pass, although if you hike up Amabilis a couple of miles, Nick the groomer is working his magic up top.  This week the Pineapple Express attacks us with all of its fury and the freezing level climbs to 5,000 feet, 6,000 feet, 7,000 feet, and all the snow washes down the rivers.

A girl could get a little blue about this, but fortunately, big-girl racing has started in Europe and I have to keep me warm.  This last weekend was the Lillehammer Triple in Norway: a sprint on Friday, a skate race on Saturday, and a classic pursuit on Sunday that came down to a showdown between Magic Marit and Tiny Therese, as the awesome British announcers have dubbed them.  The final seconds, double pole sprinting to the finish, are some of the most beautiful and exciting skiing I have ever seen.  Ever.  Watch it here.  Seriously, watch the whole thing and see how the race unfolds, but if you failed the marshmallow test and have a teeny little attention span, jump to 28 minutes and see the magic happen.

If this kind of excitement is what we have to look forward to all winter, I'll be a happy happy girl, living my ski life vicariously through the screen of my laptop.

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