Sunday, December 14, 2014

Adventurous Retirement: The Year of the Bike

So what do you do if you're retired, but you're way too strong and healthy and adventurous to sit in a rocking chair or, shudder, hang out on the golf course?  Well, if you're Erik Brooks, you make it The Year of the Bike and have adventures!  Like bike/camping to Burning Man in Nevada, and heading to Boulder for the national cyclocross championships, and, uh oh, dealing with a tough bout of Lyme disease from "some damned tick."  All in all, it sounds like it was an awesome year, and the whole story is here:

As someone who knows almost nothing about cyclocross but thinks it looks kind of like fun, I particularly enjoyed the details about cross races, jumping over barriers, dealing with crashes, and scoping out the competition and the course.

Thanks, Erik, for sharing your fun year with us; we're wishing you another year of Adventurous Retirement in 2015 and more stories to share!

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