Friday, October 3, 2014


... how awesome it was to ski here earlier than anywhere else at the pass last year?

Rune Harkestad photo

With the long-range forecast showing another warm dry winter, Amabilis will be our best friend again this year.  And tomorrow (Saturday) is the day we take care of Amabilis and get her ready for snow.

It's trail work day at Cabin Creek!  Show up at the cabin at 9:00 with grubby clothes, sturdy shoes or boots, heavy gloves, yard tools if you have them, and something to share for the potluck lunch after the work is done.  We'll be focusing efforts on Amabilis, in hopes of early skiing, and on the Erling Stordahl trails, which get a lot of winter use and not a lot of summer attention.

See you there!  Tomorrow!  Saturday!

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