Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nature is Our Gym

Gorgeous fall day for a little trail work, wasn't it?  Crews were dispatched to Amabilis for some brush clearing and to Erling Stordahl for trail widening and trench digging.

Hard at work on the Challenger trail at Erling Stordahl:

Masterful trench building:

Alex obliterates a stubborn boulder, clearing the way for Nick's groomer next winter ...

... with some enthusiastic help from Oliver:

Andrew and Joe create order where chaos once ruled:

And this tiny tot, with mini tool belt, gloves, and tools, put in a solid morning of rock throwing.  When her mother told her it was time to go back to the cabin and get ready for lunch, the mighty mite told me, quite firmly, "You keep working."  So I did.

After lunch, some people continued their fresh-air time, putting on running shoes and heading back out on the trail.  Ozzie and Joan and I grabbed poles and circled the Viking loop, running or bounding the uphills (some of them twice) while Ozzie pointed out the places where the Wednesday Guys are making big improvements to the race course.

Thank you, Wednesday Guys, and thank you, Leah Fast, for the big pile of work gloves donated by OR (trail workers' swag!), and big thanks to you and you and everyone who came out on Saturday and put some muscle into the trails!  We're ready for you, El Nino; show us what you've got.

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