Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cutting Back

So I sliced my finger and had to have it sewn back together, and it's been putting a dent in my workout plans.  Luckily I can still bike to work, although clenching the brakes for the steep downhill into the parking garage of my office building is not really conducive to the healing process.  But I did no other clenching this week: no weight lifting, no roller skiing.

I can still trail run, and had a delicious two hour-plus jaunt at Cougar Mountain, including 4x13ish-minutes uphill repeats on the Quarry Trail.  By the end, my injured finger was throbbing with mountain-fresh oxygenated blood coursing through my veins.  It was excellent, and so was the thinking-about-autumn beauty of the forest.

Next week the stitches come out and I'm back in business.

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