Sunday, September 28, 2014

One More?

Misty foggy cool gray morning: perfect for roller ski hill repeats at Discovery Park!  My plan was for 3x7minutes and 7x3minutes, but I gave myself permission to cut it short if necessary because I've got some deep tiredness lurking in my muscles.

So I did the 3x7minutes, no problem, and started on the 3-minute pieces.  After four, I was feeling the pain, and my fifth one was a notch slower and I was beat.  I had some thinking to do then: some people say you should finish an interval workout feeling strong, like you could do more, so quit before you're running on fumes.  Some people say never to cut it short unless you're bleeding.  Juerg, whom I met some years ago at Silver Star, said to do intervals until you get slower, then do one more.  So I dug around in my pocket for a gel, then decided to tackle the sixth.  And the sixth was faster than the fifth, so I did one more, and that was even faster, so I ended up doing all seven.  I am now officially in love with chocolate Clifshot!

And I am so so glad I did the seventh.  As I stood at the top of the hill for the last time, lungs heaving and muscles quivering, draining my water bottle and clipping out of my bindings for the walk back down, a woman came out of the house at the top of the hill and asked me what it was called, what I was doing.  When I told her, she said she's seen me every weekend tackling this hill and she's rooting for me from inside her house, saying, "Keep it up; you're doing great!"  Wow, thank you, Anonymous Hilltop Lady!  She will never know how much that spark of encouragement means to me, in my solitary battle to find some muscles in my legs, my lungs, my heart.

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