Saturday, September 27, 2014

Karmic Payback

It's been a tough week to bike to work, with rain every day -- heavy rain, light rain, misty rain, steady rain.  I love rain and I'm happy to see it back after this record-breaking hot summer, but my rain bike is noticeably heavier and slower than my road bike, and climbing the long hill to home every evening in the rain has been hard work.  By Friday night I was really really tired and seriously considering calling today a rest day.

But I woke up to a gloriously incandescent September day, all sunshine and puffy clouds and cool fall-ish temperatures, and Cougar Mountain called my name.   When Cougar calls, I must go!

Kent sent out a notice this week about the Bear Ridge time trial next month -- two miles, 1,000 feet elevation gain -- and I'd like to give it a shot.  I've hardly run at all this summer except for my bounding workouts, but still, it's only two miles and I have three weekends to train.  So I decided to add some bonus uphill running to my planned bounding at Cougar, and headed to a trail with a half mile of fairly steepish unrelenting climbing.  The trail continues on, but turns downhill and then flat, so I focused on the first half mile and did it twice, jogging when I could, hiking when I had to, surprised that I could do it at all with my skimpy trail time this summer.

Then I jogged an easy twenty minutes to my bounding hill, telling myself I could cut the bounding short if the uphill running had taken too much out of my legs.  I was amazed to find that the bounding actually felt great, and I could do the whole workout: every ski walk, every bound, every ski run, every speed, every frog jump!  Yay, legs and lungs, making a BIG deposit in the fitness bank!

So maybe the payback for a week of biking to work in the rain is a gorgeous late September Saturday and an awesome pre-ski season workout ... plus, spiders!

My body really liked to train this way when Martin was here, and it turns out it still likes to, six years later.

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