Monday, July 7, 2014

Moments of Movement

I'm on a mission to find ways to get more movement, more motion, into my everyday life.  I'm not talking this time about training; that has its own separate level of importance and must be planned for and treasured.  I'm talking about your regular day, at work, at home, finding ways to move more and sit less.

I think I found one way.  Last week I took a precious week of vacation and headed to Fort Worden, on the peninsula, for a week of music camp, the American Festival of Fiddle Tunes.

Focused on the fiddle, obviously, the camp also has room for guitars and banjos and mandolins and ... pianos.  That would be me.  My favorite Quebecois musicians were going to be there as faculty, so I made plans to be there, too.

Camp was awesome.  Fabulous music, of course, everywhere you turned, and great faculty and interesting and talented fellow students, but also ... two morning sessions, with a half hour break in between; an hour and a half for lunch; two afternoon sessions, with a half hour break in between; and then evening activities that often rolled on into the early morning hours.

I rode my bike every day, everywhere, from my campsite to the sessions, and in every break, I got back on the bike and rode some more, around the park, down to the beach, here and there, sunshine on my face, delicious salt air in my lungs, my legs moving moving moving while my mind hummed the tunes I was learning.

I had my roller skis and my running shoes in my car, but I didn't have time for any structured training.  And yet, I was much more in motion than I am in my normal life, and it felt wonderful.  I fell asleep in my tent to the sound of fiddling in the next campsite and woke up to a riot of birdsong, sunlight dappling the walls of my tent.

I didn't have a camp stove, so unless I shared a dinner with my camp mates who were better equipped, I ate a lot of raw stuff, fruits and vegetables and bread and sweet raw cheese from the local creamery.  It was like being at a rustic spa, only a spa with incredible music around the clock and fascinating people from all over the world and, yes, plenty of movement outside in the fresh air and sunshine, the way we're supposed to be living our lives.

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