Sunday, June 22, 2014

Way Behind on the Fun Quota

All the cool people have been out in the glorious spring weather having fun, paddling and roller skiing and biking and trail running, soaking up the long hours of daylight ... but not me.  I've been studying for that damn test.  I've been so busy at work that the only time I could study was evenings and weekends, and so I did, spending all my non-working hours the last three weeks on the couch, glasses on my nose, book and laptop on my lap, trying not to look out the window.  The last week, I even drove to work instead of biking because I didn't think I could spare that extra hour of commute time, so of course, one day I was trapped in the Worst Traffic Jam in the History of Seattle.  I wasn't stuck for five hours, as some people claimed to be, but I did watch too many precious minutes tick away with nothing productive to show for them.

It all paid off.  I passed the test with plenty of room to spare (huge sigh of relief) but I am woefully behind in training and in general fun-having.  So with the solstice here and hours and hours of sunshine on tap, I put my bike on my car and headed up to the Centennial Trail for some much-needed nature time.  With no backpack on my back, I felt strangely light and free, and with no cars, no cement trucks, no buses, no fire engines to contend with, I could lose myself in the smooth spinning of my pedals and let my mind wander ... just me and my bike and green trees and blue skies and donkeys and cows and long stretches of blissful solitude.

I stopped once, to scoop a dead vole off the trail and give it a respectful burial before someone ran over it, but other than that, I just rode, the sun warm and soft on my back, the fresh farm-country air in my nose, the wrinkles in my brain smoothing out.

And then, because too much solitude is not good either, I met Frank and Roxanne at the End of the Trail brewpub for refreshments and conversation and laughter.  I am back in balance, and not a moment too soon.  The sun is as far north as it can go, and now it heads back, back toward winter and ski season.  I have a LOT of work to do before the snow comes, and I'd best get on it!

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