Monday, May 12, 2014

Movement: "So Good!"

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Those of us who have desk jobs know we're poisoning ourselves.  I've heard it said that sitting is the new smoking, and some of my co-workers and I have talked about getting stand-up desks, but those are no better -- ask any grocery store checker!  So what are we to do if we want our bodies to be strong and vibrant and alive?  Mark Morford has some thoughts:

"Get off your ass, get out of the office, move through life in an entirely different modality, realize the body isn’t just compressed and fattened up merely from sitting or standing around all day, but also from storing up and slowly congealing all the stressors, melodramas and toxins of modern urban life.  
Because here’s the thing: While sitting is deadly, standing for endless hours isn’t the answer, either. What you really need, of course, is movement. Regular. Frequent. Up, down, sideways, dancing, twirling, jumping to conclusions, running down a dream, whatever. Just move." 

And perfect timing for me in my move to MOVE more this summer: Kira Elste sent me links to her awesome new workout apps!  I've known Kira and her sparkly personality for years, but in addition to being a treat to be around, she's also a skier and an accomplished dancer and a long-time Pilates instructor, so when she creates a workout app, you know she knows what she's talking about.  She's made lots of options: the daily mat, ten-minute Pilates, good morning Pilates ... I'm going to be checking them all out, but so far my own favorite, of course, is the skier's workout.  She promises it will work your core, balance, and legs -- all the things I need to improve to be a better skier in a stronger, happier body -- and even though I've only done it a couple of times so far, I can tell it's doing the job.  You can check out the apps yourself at and find your own favorite!

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