Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunshine Mania

This weekend I had a longish trail run/hike on my mind, so I went to Cougar Mountain on Saturday morning.  It was the first seriously sunny day of the year and clearly I was not the only person with Cougar Mountain on their mind.  The parking lot was full; the overflow lot was full.  So I thought, Tiger Mountain works, and I headed there.  That was full, too, with some kind of "event" going on.  So I went home.

On Sunday I tried again, getting up an hour earlier and getting to Cougar an hour earlier, and that did the trick.  I found a good parking spot in the shade and headed out on the trail which, even that early, was already getting toasty.  Three-plus hours later I was back at my car, completely cooked, pink-faced and sweaty and thirsty.  I am not cut out for these blistering temperatures approaching 70.

I gulped down a thermos of cold recovery drink and hustled off to Piatti's to meet my friends for lunch. They had spent their mornings inside and were looking forward to sitting out on the patio in the sunshine.  The patio looked bright and hot to me, but I bowed to the majority and sat out there all afternoon, sun beating on my scrambled brain.  I'm always happy to spend time with my awesome friends and it was great to eat and chat and catch up with their lives, but all the cucumber-mint infused beverages in the world couldn't keep me cool.  By that evening, I had a scorching headache.  I think I had sunstroke, and I'd better start pacing myself, because a long hot summer is heading our way.

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