Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Amabilis Hill Climb: Should we go or should we stay?

Bonus points if you recognized Martin in this photo!

The annual Amabilis Hill Climb is elegant in its simplicity ... and its brutality.  It's 5k, all uphill, from the stadium to the Y.  The race is free style, and the person with the fastest time wins; it's as easy as that.  Even better, it's a fundraiser for the Lakeside ski team, so after the race there will be chili and cornbread and delicious treats to buy.

It's a test of early season fitness and pacing and, this year, it's a test of the weather.  We are suffering through one of the driest Decembers on record.  Right now there is no snow until you get much higher, but hey, a lot can happen between now and Sunday at 11:00!  The forecast is all over the place: snowing in the lowlands on Friday, but then the freezing level climbing to 4500 feet, or maybe 7000 feet, or 3000 feet, and raining for the weekend.  Or maybe not.

So right now, we're up in the air.  Last weekend there was snow beginning at the Y, but then some yahoo in his four-wheel-drive butchered it, just because he could.  Thank you.  So Chip Mehring, the Lakeside coach, and Jim Slyfield are going to head up there on Saturday and will send us a report.  We may end up hiking or mountain biking high enough to find snow, so it becomes kind of a, um, duathlon?  Or the real course might be covered in snow.  Or there may be no snow at all.  The 11:00 start time is just a suggestion, too, since we may need to factor in some hiking time.

In other words, right now everything is uncertain, but don't let that discourage you.  Chip promises chili and cornbread no matter what, so pull your rock skis out of the garage and prepare yourself for just about anything!  And check back here on Saturday; as soon as I get news from Chip and Jim, I'll post it here.

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