Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let's Build Some Trails Together!

Sharon Chen photo

LAST-MINUTE CHANGE!  No potluck; bring your own lunch. Come anyway!

This Saturday is the last trail work party of the season at Cabin Creek, exit 63.  Glenn went walk-about on all the trails with Nick, the new groomer, who pointed out many jobs we could do to make the grooming, and thus the skiing, go a lot better this winter.  Trails that haven't been groomed in years are getting a renaissance, and old standby trails are getting a face lift.  It's going to be an awful lot of fun to ski those trails this winter, and for sure you want to be a part of the effort that built them.

I volunteered to be a team leader, and I told Glenn I want to be assigned to some big gnarly hard physical project.  For that, I'm going to need some big gnarly strong bodies to help me out.  I want my team to come to the end of the morning dirty and tired and hugely satisfied with the progress we made.  Are you in?  If yes, hurray!  Meet at the cabin at 9:00 on Saturday, with tools if you have them, prepared for any flavor of Snoqualmie Pass weather.

If my team doesn't sound appealing to you, my feelings aren't hurt; there will be other teams doing all kinds of other work, from invasive weed pulling to log felling to swale digging, so come on along on Saturday, join another team (or lead one yourself) and let's make these trails happen!

Lunch will be potluck style; Kongsbergers are making chili, and we'll all bring salads and breads and desserts, plus, of course, your own beverage of choice.  Dress warm -- winter is near! -- and prepare to meet old and new friends, make your favorite old trails a little better or fall in love with a new one, and give your muscles a good hard workout in the bargain.

Can't wait to see you there!

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