Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stormalicious Morning

Sunflowers and pears on my kitchen counter, my neighbor across the street firing up the Husky bus, the K9 Express, and a big fat storm swirling over the Pacific, heading our way -- must be fall!

After whining all summer about the heat, I was already in love with Saturday when I woke up to hear rain and wind pounding against the windows.  So I pulled on snug capris, a wool top and a little wool hat and headed to Cougar Mountain, excited to be part of the storm.

And I found rain.  RAIN!  In biblical proportions.  Sometimes there was so much rain in my face, I couldn't hold my eyes open.  Trails had turned into rushing streams; puddles were more like ponds, ankle-deep and sometimes calf-deep.  Powerful winds snapped branches and knocked down trees, including one small one that toppled over right in front of me -- that elevated my heart rate!  I put just under four hours of solid trail running in the endurance bank, building legs and lungs and that elusive mental toughness muscle.  It was a glorious day to be outside, going face to face with nature.

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