Thursday, August 22, 2013

So Over It

I am so done with fretting about whether biking to work is interfering with my so-called ski training.  Instead, I'm letting myself be immersed in gratitude for the fact that I get to be outside every day, twice a day, moving my body in the minutes and hours of this glorious August.  I'm grateful for my good bike, for my good commute (not too long, not too short, not too hilly, and exceptionally scenic); I'm grateful that I have the time, and that my strong athletic body lets me do this every day, that I get to be a participant in the world instead of watching it from behind the windshield of my car.

These late summer days, the sun is sinking low by the time I leave work, and the air on my skin and in my eyes and my heart is pure molten gold.  I drink it in; I smile; my legs spin.  By the time I roll into my driveway, the sun is down and I am soft and warm and sleepy.

Yup, one lucky lucky girl.

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