Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mt Washington Loppet

If you're like me, you're sad to see the ski season winding down for another year.  So, if you're like me, you're going to put the Mt Washington 30k on your to-do list for next year.  Great skiing in mid-April, just a ways up the road on Vancouver Island.  Kent, in the 50-59 age group, won this year's race going away in 1:27, beating the second-place finisher, a young 30-39 whippersnapper, by almost three minutes.  Kent doesn't need any age/gender handicapping; he is a rocket who just wins races outright!  Here is his race report:

For anyone who hasn’t done it yet, consider it for next year. It’s a little further away than most but well worth it. They’ve got a great course with lots of transitions and climbing. Always good conditions. It’s put on by a small community ski club that does a great job. Tony often brings his kids, who seem to enjoy the downhill skiing there. Next time I’ll probably bring my dh gear.

Tony was second in the 40-49 age group, and had his own exciting race and fun story to tell.  This photo is from last year's loppet, when he led the pack at the start.  How did he do this year?  Read on!

Photo: Brent Reid

Indeed…great weather and conditions again this year.  Excellent “end of season” race…for sure!  Those who haven’t done this will be “regulars” year after year, once they’ve finally done it the first time.  Debbie, I do think some people ski it Classic, too….! The ski area remains open through the weekend, and this weekend was the final weekend of grooming before the “Snow to Surf” race in two weeks (the “Snow to Surf” is Mt. Washington’s version of the Ski to Sea).  The XC skiing all weekend was almost like mid-winter conditions – incredible for mid-April.  Everyone was talking about it, and the parking lot at the XC area was jammed every day.  And that lot is HUGE.  
The race was drama-free with the exception of a nasty fall around a relatively slick turn that left me with a bloody nose…but I figure I deserved that (my brothers would definitely agree)…. I didn’t give the corner, or the fast conditions, the respect they deserved at that point on the course.  That cost some critical time and I lost contact with the group I was with, but it was fun trying to catch up again. Just a fabulous weekend all around.

Thanks for the reports, guys -- I'm definitely heading up there next year, just to stretch out the ski season a little longer.

But, in fact, there is still skiing to be had here.  Ozzie got out the snowmobile yesterday and groomed the course at Cabin Creek!

Photo: Frank Harris

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