Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"A body in motion ..."

"... stays in motion."  An eloquent and thoughtful observation by Mike Mandli, a gentleman and an athlete (uber skier/biker/coach/mentor), on the occasion of his 61st birthday last week:

Sixty-one seemed so far away a few years ago. I have long believed a body in motion stays in motion. I also have a foggy notion, according to Einstein, that a clock moving at a high velocity ticks more slowly than a stationary clock. Therefore, can I keep cycling and skiing at velocities that change my actual age to a younger age?? Well, maybe not, but I am going to keep moving this old body as fast as I can for as long as I can with as many friends as I can.

So my goal for 2013?  To stay in motion.

With that in mind, I skied eight days over the holidays to finish off 2012, and then skied again today to welcome 2013: nothing fancy, just lots of steady distance, putting kilometers in my muscles, cold winter air in my lungs, and happiness in my soul.  I skied a couple times at Cabin Creek, but mostly at the Iron Horse.  Fellow Birkebeiners Mike and Travis both remind me to get off the flats and onto the hills, and I will, really.  But my available days to ski are not without limit, and I love the solitary beauty (and the beautiful solitude) of the Horse with all of my frozen little introverted heart.

A body in motion ...

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