Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snow Update and Amabilis Time Trial

This looks promising!

Jim and Frank headed up to Amabilis on Wednesday and found lots of snow past the Y, to wit:

Jim Slyfield photo

... and from the looks of things, we're getting a lot more snow now, and down in lower elevations. Perfect timing, because the Amabilis Time Trial is just a week and a half away!  The race will be canceled if there isn't enough snow to groom, but right now, it's looking good, and R and R Lind, the contract groomer, may try to groom Amabilis tomorrow.  So right now, the race is on, and here is the scoop:

Sunday, December 16, 11:00, 5k, all uphill, freestyle 
registration: 9:00-10:30 day of race only, checks or cash only, suggested donation $15 
start in waves of ten at one-minute interval
warm clothes will be snowmobiled to the finish line at the Y in the road 
baked goods (for a donation), warm drinks, chili, and prizes in the cabin after the race

It's going to be a great way to kick off your ski season.  If you think you need some uphill training, Max might snowmobile the track sled up the hill on Saturday or Sunday; when you see him, be sure to thank him for spending his Thanksgiving fixing the snowmobile - thanks, Max!!

*** Late-breaking news: as of Friday morning, Rune reported that there is still not enough snow to groom at Cabin Creek.  Keep doing the snow dance!

*** More late-breaking news: as of Saturday morning, Rune reported that Lind plans to groom Amabilis this afternoon.

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