Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you, Bush School!

The Bush School kids and their coach Jason Paur are regulars at the Wednesday night headlamp races at Cabin Creek, and this weekend they gave back, showing up en masse to put in some good solid hours of trail work.  Many thanks to the kids and to Jason; we appreciate it!  Here is Jason's story:

With cross country running season over, on Saturday a group of 9 from the Bush School headed up for some trail work just in time before the snow started falling again. Glenn had a great plan for us and was ready with tools to get the kids started as soon as we showed up. The focus was on continuing the work the Ellensburg kids had started earlier this year in widening sections of the final several hundred meters of the trail before it crosses the road to the penalty loop and finish. 
Glenn had us removing some of the small banks on each side of the trail and using the dirt to fill in adjacent low spots. We managed to move a few dozen wheelbarrow loads, widening the trail several feet in a few sections. The dirt removal and fill work was followed by a pair of "groomers" who raked the area as smooth as possible. 
Hopefully the widening will provide a start on what Glenn said the goal is of making the final section wide enough for two skaters, and even a chance to groom some gentle s-turns along the straight section. 
The kids weren't so happy coming over the pass with virtually no snow on the ground, but did enjoy tasting the big fat snow flakes that fell during much of the day. And by the looks of things today, we managed to get up there just in time.  

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