Thursday, September 27, 2012


(awesome Holly Brooks photo)

I smile when I look at this picture of pure mental toughness -- Holly roller skiing in an Anchorage monsoon! -- because I know our turn is coming.  The jet stream will move soon enough and send this kind of rain to Seattle, but right now, we're still marooned in a freakish stretch of dry days, with no rain in sight.  It's bad for the air and bad for the forests, but good for roller skiing!

So on Monday night I double poled and single sticked on the Ship Canal trail.  On my second lap I raced a tugboat, and I won!  Of course, he was pushing a big gravel barge, and he probably didn't actually know we were racing, but still, I beat him fair and square, and our little race made me push myself harder than I would have otherwise.  So thank you, Mr Anonymous Tugboat Pilot!  Same time next week?

Then tonight I met Derek at Discovery Park for some nice brisk roller ski intervals, under a gorgeous salmon-colored sunset (a side benefit of the dusty air).  We had been emailing this last month about the possibility of doing intervals, but I was buried in my house remodel.  Now that I'm done, it was fun to show him some of my favorite hills, and we tried out a couple of different options.  Thanks for the good workout, Derek!

Unfortunately, I'm such a chicken about the downhills, so I walked down them.  Imagine if I were 22 years old and full of testosterone, like these guys:

Travis sent me this, and I told him it makes me feel delicate in my stomach.  But just think -- if I could ski downhill like that, I could do twice as many intervals in my allotted time frame!

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