Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ready or Not, Equinox

The earth continues its steady journey around the sun, sliding from summer into fall, caring not one whit that my so-called training year so far has been one setback after another.  It whispers in my ear, the days are getting shorter, the mornings have a little zip to them, darkness falls so early, winter is coming.   It's less than three months until the Amabilis hill climb, less than four months until Wednesday night headlamp racing and Gunnar Hagen, less than five until the skiathlon, and then ... my A race this year, the American Birkebeiner, in five months.  I've never done it before, some of my favorite people will be there, and I would like to not be pathetic.

I checked in with some of my friends who are the fastest racers around, and they all assure me that all is not lost yet, but there is no more time for setbacks.  I need to get moving again, but gently, so as not to jump into a stupid injury.  They gave me great ideas, and much-appreciated encouragement.  One of them has a menu of workouts that he chooses from, depending on available time of day and child care and work obligations.  One pushes the value of good hard in-the-gym strength workouts, especially for those of us who have seen more than a few equinoxes roll around in our time.  Another tells me not to be afraid to throw some short intensity into the steady workouts, even if I really don't have much of an endurance base right now.  Another reminds me that consistency consistency consistency is the key, an hour a day, day after day.  Nothing fancy, nothing earth-shaking, nothing dramatic; just reminding my body what it really wants to do.  And then doing it.

How about you?

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