Sunday, September 30, 2012

Endless Summer

Of course this crazy eternal summer can't last forever -- already the air is a tiny bit chillier, the leaves are turning, sunsets come earlier -- so we northerners need to grab every one of these bonus sunny hours that we can and bank them for the November that's just around the corner.

Yesterday was mountain day, two and a half easy hours at Cougar, hiking the uphills, jogging the flats and downhills, listening to the frogs, admiring the mushrooms, watching the snakes, breathing in the tree-blessed air, lifting my face to the sun-dappled leaves.  Aahhh ...

Today was a two-sport day.  I roller skied on the Centennial Trail for two hours, where I saw Glenn and Anna Louise (roller blading, biking) and Ozzie and Joan (roller skiing), and I chatted a minute with Per, who roller skis like a dream on his artificial leg.  It was a spectacular fall day, especially when two eagles soared lazily above me, and I wanted it to last forever.  After the roll, I biked to the Buzz Inn at the bustling Snohomish airport for lunch with Ozzie and Joan.  We sat out in the sunshine on the patio, eating and talking and watching the brightly-colored parachutes sail over our heads.  When we were done, I biked back to my car, and then biked a little farther, trying to stretch out the day.  Finally, reluctantly, I headed home, happy with the day, happy with the weekend.

Darkness and rain are coming back, no doubt about it, but right now, every one of my cells is filled with sunshine.  I think I might glow in the dark!


  1. Glad to hear you had a nice weekend of training. I'm excited to get back to the trails after a few weeks of road running due to moving--Fall is such a wonderful time of year. My cousin in Alaska tells me they got their first snow this weekend! Hopefully we're not too far away from ours.


  2. Good luck this weekend, Michael! Then back to the trails ...