Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rolling in the Rain

Thomas Alsgaard is roller skiing in the rain ...

(Thomas Alsgaard photo)

... and so am I.

Meteorologist Scott Sistek had this to say about today's damp and chilly weather:

I joked yesterday that Seattle's weather this week was colder than parts of Alaska, but turns out, there are plenty of towns with chilly reputations warmer than Seattle's low 50s today. 

That list included: Portland, Maine; Yellowknife, NWT, Canada; Fairbanks, Alaska, and Reykjavik, Iceland! (Don't worry, it was only in the mid 40s in Siberia, so we have that going for us.) 

I headed to the Ship Canal trail this evening for the first roll of the season.  This smooth flat trail is perfect for speed bursts, but tonight was short and easy; I just wanted to remind my muscles what roller skiing is all about and to check out the new extension of the trail, which is nice.

I am weak as a kitten, but I'm a little bit stronger now than I was yesterday.

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