Sunday, June 3, 2012

17th of May

Kirsten reported a small group marching and roller skiing in the Norwegian Constitution Day parade this year, but an enthusiastic and happy one for all that.  There was a mix-up somewhere and KSC's registration was lost.  Rather than be stuck at the end of the two-hour-plus parade, the gang went renegade, inserting itself into a likely spot between the Seafair Clowns and the Sons of Norway and causing the parade announcers no end of confusion: "Uh, here come ... um ... some roller skiers!"  In the olde days, the announcers would always recognize Ozzie and call out his name, but there must have been wet-behind-the-ears whippersnappers up in the booth this year.  After the parade, some of the group headed out for traditional chili at Mike's Tavern.

Thanks for the fun pictures, Kirsten!

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