Monday, May 28, 2012

Un-Three Day Weekend

It's been a volatile and thunderous weather week.  On Friday, I stayed late at work to Powerpoint and let this bad boy blow over:

(from Scott Sistek's Partly to Mostly Blogging blog)

By the time I biked home, the air was deliciously damp and freshly ionized, a welcome cure for a long week of office time.  I knew I'd be spending some more time over the weekend bonding with my computer, working on a free-lance editing project for the University of Wisconsin, but the project ended up taking quite a bit more time, and quite a bit bigger bite out of my weekend, than I had anticipated ... which is no surprise.  And that was okay, because it was such an interesting and fun project and it made my brain happy.

I worked for a big chunk of Saturday, but fortunately I rode my bike into my office, and when I rode home, I took the long way, up the Burke Gilman to the branch-off to 65th, then west on hilly 65th toward home, riding into the pale pink sunset.  I detoured to Sunset View park and watched the silvery sailboats and Christmas-lit tugboats until I was too cold and hungry to linger any longer.

Sunday morning was stormy again, so I drove to work and spent the entire day working on my project, much longer than I wanted to, but I finished it.  As I drove home, I wondered how much more sitting my poor body can tolerate, and if it might just completely explode in protest.  But the project was done, which was the important part, and that freed up Monday for forest time.

And oh my, Monday, today: just under three hours of jogging and hiking at Cougar Mountain.  After the week of storms, the forest was brilliantly gloriously gorgeously green, sparkling in the bright clean sunshine.  I jogged along with a big goofy smile on my face, which made everyone whose path I crossed smile back at me, even the dogs, which is a pretty fine way to spend a morning.

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