Monday, May 21, 2012

But how do you carry your boots?

This weekend, coming home from a long bike ride, I met an interesting man from Turkey who has spent the last seven years taking solo multi-month bike trips all over southeast Asia and South America.  Wow!  Of course I had a million questions, and he had a million stories, and a million fascinating photos.  He takes his backcountry skis and boots with him when he bikes in Chile and Argentina, and this picture shows the creative way he carries his bulky ski boots on his bike.   He estimated he has 50,000 miles on that bike, and it looked like it!

We had so much fun talking about traveling and biking and skiing and foreign lands.  He suggested I quit my job and travel with him and have adventures, and I have to say, my work life has been so difficult these last four months that I was even more tempted than I might normally be!  I told my boss today it was 50/50: I could go to Chile or I could go to work.  I ended up going to work.  But I have his email address.

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