Friday, May 18, 2012

Bike to Work Day

Every day is Bike to Work Day in xcskigirl land, except when it's snowing, or raining hard, or really cold, or I have an early meeting, but today was Official Bike to Work Day.  It was chilly and gray and windy, and the turnout, at least on my route, was a little less Copenhagenish than it was on last year's sunny warm BTW Day.  Still, the bikers were out, the commuter station volunteers were friendly and generous (I scored a jaunty red bandanna, a patch kit, and a water bottle), and the Taj Mahal of bike lockers in my office building was half full.  A  good day!  Even better, a guy in a big truck actually turned on his turn signal AND waited for me at a corner, instead of right-hooking into me, and then it happened again a few blocks later with a delivery van.  Thanks, courteous drivers!  That totally made up for the scary close call I had with a clueless, cell phone-wielding woman in a Lexus a few days earlier.

Better yet is the growing number of bike trains, kids and parents on bikes riding to school, all together.   Wouldn't you love to ride with these cool kids?

The bike train to Bryant this morning even had a police escort. I love this!

Both photos courtesy of a Creative Commons license by carfreedays.

Chris rode with his daughter in this Bryant Gran Fondo and declared it "scarier than the sketchiest Cat 5 peloton" he has ever ridden in, but that's just because he wasn't wearing a pink princess backpack and one training wheel.

It turned out that I had just enough daylight left after work to bike to Discovery Park on the way home for a jog/walk on the trails, drinking in the cool peaceful green gorgeousity of a forest evening.  How lucky am I to have this park, with the birds and snakes and fragrant flowers and sunlight slanting low through the trees, on my way home!  After my loop, I changed back into biking shoes and flew down the long hill as fast as I could, scooted through the locks just as the gates were being closed, and rode up the long hill in the dark to home and shower and dinner and delicious sleep.

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