Friday, March 2, 2012

Vasa Bubble of Focus

Inge is writing a story for about Vasaloppet and asked me to send her some thoughts about the races I've done.  I sent her two pages, but this particular paragraph I forwarded to Martin because I thought he'd like it.

Another big lesson: this is serious business.  Sure, it’s fun to see these big races as just a diversion, a vacation, a pleasant tour through new countryside.  But it turns out it’s also really really fun to take it seriously, to be careful and focused about your wax and your food and your training and your recovery and all the factors that make a really good racer go fast.  Being able to hang out with elite skier Martin Rosvall in the days before the last couple of Vasaloppets has been an eye-opening experience, and even though I’m still way in the back of the pack, taking the race more seriously has added a wonderful new dimension to the whole year for me, from recovering to training to racing, and I see these events in a whole new light.

This is what he sent back, in the last week heading up to The Big Race, this Sunday.

Yes, serious business! I am slowly entering the Vasa bubble of focus:  late to work, early from work, hard workouts, easy workouts, melting paraffins, shiny bases, growing inbox... Today I double poled more than 1000 vertical meters in a 50K long but relatively slow workout. I am trying to find the right balance between hard workouts and recovery. Surplus energy is everything. Easy tomorrow, hard on Monday, easy on Tuesday, hard on Wednesday. Then easy, easy, easy, and both head and body should be ready for 90K all out.

Good luck, Martin!  Ski super fast and, just as important, have fun!

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