Friday, March 9, 2012

All Work and No Play

... makes me a morning person!  Lots of people have told me that, when your work life goes sideways, when I'm at work until 7 or 8 or 9, night after night after night, I should get up early and train before work.  It's hard for a bike sissy like me to ride every day in this sloppy Seattle weather, so jogging is a logical choice, but there's a limit to how early I can stand to get up.  I only have half an hour or so to spare and the long slow distance athlete in me doesn't think that's worth it.  But Kyle gently reminded me that in the shape I'm in now, which is to say, not, 30 minutes of consistent daily exercise is wonderfully beneficial.

So I've been setting my alarm for an hour earlier and heading out most mornings for a half hour of jog/walking, aiming for more jogging and less walking.  And I've discovered that I actually like it!  I'm  not beset by my usual wardrobe paralysis: it doesn't matter if I'm too hot or too cold when I'm only out there for 30 minutes.  And I don't have to worry about pre-workout meals or post-workout recovery meals when it's that short; I just go.  I listen to the birds, I watch the sun come up, I hear the seals barking, I see the dog walkers and the flowers budding ... it's a happy way to start the day.

Then today, even better: after my jog/walk, I wolfed down a quick breakfast, changed clothes, and biked to work!  The good part about that was that I got to check out the fabulous new secured bike parking setup in my office building:

The bad part was ... there was no bad part. When I finally left work at 8:30 tonight and pedaled home through the quiet rainy night, I could feel a week's worth of conference calls, due diligence meetings, and deadlines melt into the puddles that sloshed at my feet.  I worked 12 hours today, but I still had two hours of solid exercise in the fresh air.  Who wouldn't be happy with that?

And ... I ate three breakfasts this morning!

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