Friday, February 17, 2012

Self-Moving Vehicle

Sometimes big girls like stickers, too, and I love this new one on my bike.  Designed by kanji calligrapher Yumi Kitade, it's elegant, clean, and simple, just the way you'd like your life to be, and it means "self-moving vehicle."  What could be more perfect on my beautiful blue bicycle?

I'm working long hours every day this winter, with no respite in sight, and while my brain is happy with the interesting projects I'm involved in, my poor body is most decidedly NOT happy with all the sitting: sitting in my car, sitting at my desk, sitting in my car again, sitting at home to eat dinner and read the paper, and no exercising at all.  So even though my bike usually spends the winter safe and dry in my shed, I decided in desperation to dust it off and bike to work yesterday, figuring that no matter how late it got and how tired I was, I would still have to ride home.

Riding in yesterday morning in the cool fresh dawn, I thought, this is a brilliant idea!  And riding home last night at 9:00, in the dark and the cold, it was still brilliant.  As I pedaled through the misty quiet streets, rain freshening my lungs and sparkling my eyelashes, my body was so happy not to be sitting in a car.

Today was even better -- NASA's website reported that Jupiter and Venus would be aligned in the western sky this evening, but steady rain all day made it unlikely I'd see them.  By the time I rode home, though, around 8:00, the rain had stopped, and when I rode through Sunset View Park, overlooking dark Puget Sound, the gusty wind blew the clouds apart and there they were, Jupiter and Venus, two amazing jewels in the silent universe, regally oblivious to all the commotion on our small blue marble.  I never would have noticed this in my car, and for sure I never would have pulled over to the side of the road, to stand in the dark and stare in wonder.

 Hooray for self-moving vehicles!

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