Sunday, February 26, 2012

Consolation Ski

I'm so excited about all my peeps, and their awesome performances at the American Birkebeiner!  Per and Brent and Lisa all emailed that the conditions were perfect, and I can't wait to hear more!  There were some notable performances, particularly age group winners Rune Harkestad, 1st in 45-49, 17th overall, and only two minutes behind the legendary Vegard Ulvang; David Ford, 1st in 60-64 and 62nd overall; and Brent Turner, 1st in 55-59 and about 70th overall.  There were a number of top-ten age group finishers also, like Peter Boveng, 8th in 50-54, Marcy Ostrom, 10th in 45-49, Per Johnsen, 8th in 65-69, Sandy Johnsen, 6th in 65-69, Ted Lystig, 9th in 40-44, and Torill Owen, 7th in 55-59.   So excited about everyone, and looking forward to all your stories.

I was really sorry not to be there, but the good old Iron Horse came through with a wonderful consolation prize: tons and tons of fresh new snow, deep and soft and sticky, not a day for speed (although I saw Phil and Earl busting out a time trial and looking zippy), but I'm not ready for speed right now anyway.  It was just a pure pleasure to be outside, on the snow, on my skis, as storms swept across the lake and snail (snow/hail) pelted my cheeks.

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