Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bauer Power at the Langlauf

Brad smoked the Spokane Langlauf again this year, for his ninth victory.  His time for the 10k classic was 27:33, and here is his cool story:

Great race.  I felt tired.  A young gun from APU showed up, named Mike Hinkley.  He had a second place finish in the Olympic Trials in the sprint, in 2010.  He also finished 12th in a the 15 k there.  He even finished 43rd in a world cup race in Norway.  He is now living in Pullman and obviously not training the way he used to.  However, I think he still thought he could pull off the win.  He tried to go with me in the beginning, but could never really stay on my tails.  I knew he was working too hard and I knew when we got to the double pole stuff, I would be able to pull away.  He got within 5 seconds, but ultimately the pace was too hard for his fitness level and I beat him by 2:33.
What's his training secret?  I don't know, but here is a clue (hint: 75 pounds of adorable resistance training!):

And here is another one:

As for Deb, she won the women's race in 33:01, three minutes ahead of second place and her nineteenth victory (!).  I have no idea what her training secret is either, but it must be something good.

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